American shorthair cats. Cattery Sooting Stars


Our cattery began its work in 2017. We are mono-cattery breading American Shorthair cats. The cattery is registered in WCF system - № 15241-2017.

shootingstartsOur first cat RUMFOLD Mckinney Oliry was purchased in the famous cattery RUMFOLD, which is known both in Russia and abroad. We cooperate with RUMFOLD and hope for further joint breeding of American Shorthair. 

American Shorthair is a really unique and exclusive breed. It’s worthy of special attention because of its rarity. You can hardly see this breed even on the largest cat shows in Russia. That’s why owners of the breed consider themselves as a part of something special. 

Purchasing a kitten in our cattery you can be sure that it was born from purebred producers the American Shorthair. Our cats not only have excellent genetics, titles and awards, but also are famous on cat shows In Russia and abroad.

Buying a kitten you get a healthy and vaccinated animal. You also get advice on care and other issues regards to this animal throughout its life. Selling each kitten we make the contract of purchase and sale, give the pedigree and pet passport with current vaccinations. Kitten is transferred to a new owner not earlier than 4 months of age. 

We welcome you in our cattery!

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Our American Shorthair cats cattery located in Zhukovskiy,  Moskovskaya oblast .Russia

Phone: +7-926-903-54-54

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